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Druk Square - Technology Unlimited

Druk Square started with a concept of being a total Bhutanese company focussed into delivering quality software solutions and web solutions developed by Druk Square without using open source but building Druk Square's own solutions.

It has been observed that the present scenario has multiple use of Open Source CMS system and ready to use softwares being implemented and sold to bhutanese clients which has not been received well due to many technological glitches ranging from websites being hacked or no proper support since the software is not developed by the company/group or a freelancer themselves leading to dismay and lost of trust by the clients in the technical resources of our country. Druk Square in it's initiative and it's quest to bring back the trust, is focussed totally in core developed solutions giving instant support and a fool proof technology to its clients.

Druk Square has been constantly growing from the time it started back in August 2014 and still on a vertical surge when it comes to quality, customer satisfaction and trust gained back form its clients which we at Druk Square feel that its a great achievement in 3 months and with the same enthusiasm and motivation we are moving forward towards leveraging technology to our clients with economic best and technologically advanced solutions. Here are few examples of how we mean to follow and maintain what we believe in:

~ Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Druk Square is providing the best prices when it comes to Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration to fulfil its commitment of leveraging technology for the benefit of our clients since Druk Square believes that for our clients to be technology savvy it should be affordable first so that it can be accessible which definitely adds to the growth of our client base once our client realise the benefit and advantages of integrating technology to their business. We are proud to state that this has been well received by the clients and are now much aware of it.

~ Core Developed Software & Web Solutions

As mentioned earlier, the most basic challenges faced by clients whether it be software or web solutions are either back-up and support or websites being hacked or no support once launched. Druk Square do not use Open Source CMS systems like Wordpress, Zoomla, Drupal etc... since they are very much the common tools used to make websites and since its an Open technology its security and the knowhow is not alien to someone who knows little bit about websites. Druk Square develops its websites from the core using latest web solutions and security measures giving our clients a strong and reliable software or a web solution reducing their expenses to a large extent and since its developed in-house there is no problem with instant support and back-up service.

We are striving towards educating our clients on the benefits and advantages of integrating technology and how it can be leveraged for the financial and many other benefits and will strive to do that in our day to day activities. Present day need for technology and computing has reached such advanced stage wherein proper use of it has made business and life much easier place but providing the same is quite a challenge. Druk Square is one company which totally understands these challenges and is working towards providing the best in technology at affordable price so that we can proudly say 'We did contributed to the nation's technological capacity building'.

At Druk Square we strive to improve the technical knowhow of our professional and make them ready to be able to adapt and get acquainted with latest technologies so that what we offer is the best.